Welcome to the Centre for
Strategy & Governance

The Centre for Strategy & Governance is a network aimed at supporting robust policy development and its effective implementation through strategic delivery and good governance. Our members have served in senior executive positions in the Australian Public Service and in leadership roles in the corporate sector.

In addition to sponsoring and contributing to debate on public policy issues, the Centre provides support through its expert competition policy, coaching and mentoring and not-for-profit organisations panels.

Our members, based in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, also accept assignments, throughout Australia and the region, as independent professionals, to:

Government Sector:

  • serve on Commonwealth and State Government boards
  • advise on APS transformational programs
  • assist with capability reviews
  • undertake or support policy and efficiency reviews
  • assist agencies to implement policy decisions
  • provide executive coaching
  • provide mentoring and ethics advice

Corporate Sector:

  • serve on boards
  • provide strategic advice on dealing with government
  • assist with issues management involving government, whether in Australia or elsewhere
  • provide a sounding board for the managing director and chairman
  • mentor senior executives
  • assist with entry into foreign markets and market access issues
  • provide strategic advice to international companies with Australian subsidiaries or operations

Not-for-profit Sector:

  • assist with effective governance and strategic planning
  • provide strategic advice on dealing with government
  • assist with issues management
  • provide a sounding board for the organisation
  • mentor senior executives